Thank You, Michigan

Michigan champs 1

Beyond the Big 10 championship, Frozen Four, Adam’s Hobey, and all the great things we accomplished as a group – the people are what made it so special.  With the players, coaches, and staff that make Michigan Hockey go, I’ve made friends for life.

The 200 Foot Player

The 200 foot player

The 200-foot player.  The swiss-army knife.  The two-way competitor. A player that a coach can throw out in all situations and feel comfortable.  And whether you’re up or down in the final minute of a one-goal game, that player is your rock. 

Sitting in Someone Else’s Shoes

Sitting in someone elses shoes

But here’s the thing I’m learning. We could all do a little bit better if we carried ourselves with a little more empathy and perspective.  Because at the end of the day we truly don’t sit in other people’s shoes.

Just Do the Right Thing

Just do the right thing

Hockey is not permanent.  Few people are lucky enough to play at the highest levels.  But learning to be coachable and having to work together with people…kids will take those with them the rest of their lives.

If I Were to Coach College Hockey Again


Hockey Sense. Compete Level. Coachability.

If a kid doesn’t have those three qualities…I won’t recruit them.  Simple.

If they have all three…LET’S GO.

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