The Greatest Game I Ever Played In

Greatest game

From the drop of the puck, neither team gave the other space to breathe.  Every single inch of ice had to be earned through sheer determination and will.

5 Keys to Coaching “Kids Today”

5 keys to coaching kids today

Being hard on kids is not screaming, yelling, and degrading.  It’s holding them accountable for the high standards you set and having clear consequences (like the bench) when they don’t meet that standard. 

Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of gratitude

As we’re taking stock of our gratitude each morning and our thoughts turn to hockey, let’s spare a moment for everyone who makes it possible. And at the conclusion of that exercise, by all means—say ‘thank you’ to more people more often. But maybe just as important, let’s allow that gratitude to make us more resilient, optimistic, empathetic, gracious, and forgiving as we navigate this hockey world.

Recruiting Charlie McAvoy

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Take a look behind the curtain of one of the best recruiting visits I’ve ever been involved in.

It’s a story about Boston Bruins star defenseman Charlie McAvoy.

Why Resilience Matters

Why resilience matters

At the end of the day, what’s most important isn’t what happens to you.  It’s how you choose to respond to the things that happen to you.

The New And Improved Hockey Think Tank

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Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to the NEW and improved Hockey Think Tank website!! As difficult as it was to leave such a great situation at the University of Michigan, I am excited to hop back in head first into one of my biggest passions in life: Educating and inspiring the hockey community. I am so fortunate […]

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