Distance Team Building

Distance Team Building

Topher with Boston College (NCAA D1)


With a Bachelors in Sociology (Cornell University),

a Masters in Sports Performance & Behavior (Miami of Ohio),

and a coaching tenure at both NCAA D1 programs

Topher Scott set out to find what truly makes a team cohesive…

He found 5 key principles



The 5 R’s



Relentless Repetition

Relish The Moment


This easy to understand and easy to implement team ideology has led several teams, spanning several different leagues and sports to bring Topher in to help establish and enhance their team culture shown below. 

As the world has adapted – so have we.

We are now offering a new, condensed and severely reduced in price  Distance Team Building Seminar. 

This new version will be held virtually – with the whole team – and will prove to bring your team closer together to help you reach your goals for the season.