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Brian Waivada – Cedar Knolls, NJ

  By Brian Waivada Youth hockey….so much to talk about…where to start.  For over 40 years I have been a player, coach, parent and Board Member at the highest levels of youth hockey in the US.  It’s provided me with some of the most rewarding and joyful moments of my life and also some of...
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Don Funaro – North Haven, CT

  By Don Funaro Being a Hockey dad has been one of my life’s greatest joys. Growing up playing the great game of hockey, I had always hoped one day I would have a son who would enjoy the sport as much as I did. Fortunately my son Donny took to the game at the...
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Tammi Picolla – New Hartford, NY

  By Tammi Picolla My daughter is our oldest child, so she got into hockey first. She started at the age of five, which we learned is practically an elderly age in Learn to Skate (LTS) programs. Neither me nor my husband played hockey, so everything was a new experience. We made the mistake of...
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