Forcing Us Back to Average

By: Topher Scott

I heard this incredible saying the other day that I wanted to share with you all.  It’s a saying that I got from a podcast that I listen to called “Born to Impact”.  If you really want to know what it takes to be great…this is a phenomenal podcast.

In this particular episode, they interview a guy named Ryan Stewman who went from convicted drug dealer to 7 figure business entrepreneur.  His story is astonishing because not many people come from where he came from to make it as big as he did.

It was an inspirational conversation but Ryan also had some amazing advice if you want to be great.  And the crux of what he talked about centered around the fact that being great at anything is HARD.  The quote that really resonated with me was this:

“The universe has an amazing ability to force us back to average.”

And as he continued to explain…it put things into perspective.

Average is easy.  Average is being nice and cozy inside that comfort zone.  In times of stress, it’s where we revert so we can feel better.  In times of success, complacency reverts us back to comfort as well.

Being great? That ain’t easy.

The saying reminded me of a great line from one of my favorite movies, A League of Their Own.  It’s a women’s baseball movie and there’s a scene where Tom Hanks tries to talk some sense into one of his players who was about to quit because it was getting too hard.  He told her:

“It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it.  The hard is what makes it great.”

Ain’t that the truth.

The universe doesn’t reward half-way.  It doesn’t reward those that try and quit.  It doesn’t reward hope without action.

The universe rewards hard work, resiliency, and consistency.  It rewards those who stick to it and persevere.  It may not always reward us in the timeframe we would like (it rarely does)…but those that stick to it…they somehow typically find a way.

Stewman also speaks about how the people we surround ourselves with have a way of forcing us back to average as well.  If you’re working harder than everyone else, you want to surround yourself with people that support that and will let you be you.  A lot of people out there resent others that work harder than everyone else…because it can make them look bad with the minimal effort that they want to put forth…which is easy.

If you aspire to be great, surround yourself with the right people.

I’d love for everyone reading this to take a second and think about Ryan’s statement that the universe has a way of pulling us back to average.  It’s made me reflect on the way I do things…and it’s an interesting concept because it really is SO. HARD. TO. BE. GREAT.

Being a great athlete is hard.  Being a great parent is hard.  Being a great student is hard.  Being a great musician is hard.

But if you choose to focus your attitude in the right way, as Tom Hanks so smartly pointed out, IN THE END IT’S ACTUALLY THE HARD THAT MAKES IT GREAT.

Here are the links to the podcast: