Content Subscription Announcement

The sport of hockey has given me my life.


My Mom and Dad met because my Mom’s brother and my Dad played on the same college hockey team.

Out of bounds, Dad?

Oh yeah, probably…but I can’t throw stones because I’m actually here because of it.

In all seriousness though, hockey has given me the life I have today.  My dreams, my experiences, my family…they wouldn’t have materialized without The Greatest Game On The Planet.

So now I’m on a mission to give back to the game that gave me everything.  It’s why I started The Hockey Think Tank…and why I continue to grind day in and day out trying to provide the best hockey development content out there.

The Hockey Think Tank started as a passion project to help educate players, parents, and coaches about the game.  What started as a few tweets about hockey details turned into blogs, videos, a website, a podcast, a conference, and now a community of people that are insanely passionate about the sport we all love.

It’s been a ton fun and I have learned so much through the ups and downs of this experience.  But now, we’re taking it to a different level.  A WHOLE DIFFERENT LEVEL.

We’re legit ready to blow this thing out of the water.

And it starts today.

TODAY, we are rolling out the new PREMIUM CONTENT SUBSCRIPTION for the Hockey Think Tank.  Our goal with this subscription is to continue to provide the best hockey development content…on and off the ice…in the world.

And then some.

With the subscription, you’ll get access to Hockey Think Tank Conference presentations with some of the top hockey minds in the game.  Access to Live webinars where you can interact with our insanely talented Hockey Think Tank Coaches (and archived webinars if you can’t make it live). Access to detailed skill development videos. Access to whiteboard sessions on concepts and systems.  And much, much more.

There is so much hockey development and hockey culture content in there that it’s going to knock your socks off.  I’ve been able to team up with so many amazing people on this…I alone have learned so much in putting it all together.  More content will be added as we go, and we have some more incredibly fun things planned.

The subscription is LIVE NOW and will be available to any individual that wants to subscribe.  But what excites me most is that we have also made the subscription available to youth organizations who would like to provide further education for their coaches.  At a RIDICULOUSLY discounted price.

My legit goal is to partner with every youth organization in the US and Canada to be their coaching education affiliate.

Lofty goal, yes, but I was a 5’4” kid that worked my butt off to become a captain of a Top 10 hockey school so lofty goals don’t deter me.  They excite me.  So if you are part of an organization and are serious about the development of your kids and your coaches, email me at  I promise it will be worth it.

My other legit goal, a little more personal to me, is to make enough money to hire my two brothers with special needs.  If I work my tail off and can get this content into as many players, parents, coaches, and organizations as I think I can…I’ll be able to provide them an opportunity to work with me in some capacity and take some financial burden off my parents.  They love hockey just like we all do, and hiring them would be a dream of mine.

At the end of the day, this is an opportunity to combine the two things that mean the most to me in the world: Making a positive impact on the hockey community and providing for my family.  This is an opportunity I don’t take lightly, and I have put everything I have into making this subscription a huge value add for any and all who want to subscribe.

And while we’ll still continue to pump out a ton of free content like our newsletter, podcast and social media posts, this premium content subscription will take things to another level for those who are truly passionate about the game.

I am so excited to roll this out…and if you are as excited as I am click below to subscribe.  During this week, enter the coupon code “HOCKEY” at checkout for $50 off the subscription as well.  So hurry up and subscribe, and I’ll see you on the inside!