Be as Tough as Your Mother

By: Topher Scott

Tuesday, August 27th.  The day our family became a family of four.

When your wife is having a child…there are waves of things going through your mind that are tough to explain.  Countless thoughts, feelings, and emotions that swirl around your head as you try to make sense of the world you’re currently living in.  There’s highs, there’s lows, there’s stresses and joy…it’s the ultimate roller coaster of emotion.

Or glass case of emotion, if you’re Ron Burgandy.

Watching your wife throughout the process gives you such an appreciation for her selflessness, fearlessness, and resilience.  It wells up all the admiration and respect in the world for what they are doing…but it makes you reflect on what they’ve already done and what you know they are going to do next as well.

Mike Krzyzewski said it best while he addressed his Duke team during an ESPN docu-series following their 2018 preseason (HIGHLY RECOMMEND WATCHING THIS).  He told his players, who were grinding and might have been a little tired, to be as tough as their mothers.

He talked about how his mother never took a day off.  She could have been sick, tired, or whatever…she was always there to take care of his family.  Mothers just…do.  And do without any fanfare or expectation.  They show up and perform…day in and day out.

I got to thinking about my mom, and all of the things she did for my siblings and I growing up.  There are so many things that we truly appreciate.  But then I got to thinking…how many things did she do for us that we honestly have no idea about? I can’t even imagine.

And I got to thinking about my wife, and all of the things she does for our family.  Physically, emotionally, logistically, she is the glue that holds it all together.  Just like my mom was.  Just like Coach K’s mom was.  And probably, just like almost every family in the world.

Moms are the lifeblood.

Moms are the pins to our grenades (try taking it out and see what happens…)

Moms are…everything.

So in my sleep-deprived, high-on-life state right now, I want to take the chance to thank all you moms out there.  Thank you for all that you do at the head of the pack, and behind the scenes.

And especially you hockey moms.  You are a different breed (and I say that in the most complimentary way possible…you know what I mean).  The 5am freezing cold wake-ups.  The smelly hockey bags in the trunk and in your house.  The wrangling of kids as your husbands sit behind the glass and watch the game like experts 🙂

You are the best.

You are appreciated.

You make us better.

Thank you.


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  1. Julia

    Super nice read, Mr. Scott. Your wife is a lucky lady. Enjoy the ride of parenthood. Each chapter is fulfilling but you never get the cuddle time back…soak that chapter in over and over no matter what people tell you. Rock them to sleep each and every night if you wish. I guarantee they won’t still expect it when they are in high school! 😉