What is Your Why?

By: Topher Scott

This weekend was rewarding in so many ways.  Through our charity hockey game, we raised over $130,000 for the special needs community.  We had a hell of a time on the ice with NHL players all the way down to people who work in local businesses.  2,000 people packed the stands, the pep band had the crowd into the game.  It was a night that made us all extremely proud.

But I look at the picture above and I remember why I put these games on.  Well, for one, we are raising money for a fantastic cause.  The money we raised goes to an amazing organization and the services they provide to kids in our area with special needs.

But I look at my brother, who has special needs, and I think about how the types of services the school provides and how similar services he had growing up helped him grow into the man he is today.  He is a passionate, hilarious, hard working dude…and he’s made us all better people.  Having him on the ice with us, and playing on my line…that’s something that was really special.

And I look at my daughter, who my wife and I will try and raise to be a good person…and I think about telling her the story of this picture and this game in the future.  And telling her how a team that Dad put together made a positive difference in the lives of those with different abilities than us.  And how that is extremely, extremely powerful and important.

My family…that’s my WHY.

When you know your WHY, it’s easy to put more passion into what you are doing.  When you know your WHY, I feel like things have more propensity to fall into place.  Your WHY is what drives you and gives you clarity of purpose on what you want to accomplish.

So let’s bring this to our arena here…youth hockey.

I ask every hockey player this question when I do my culture building presentations around the US and Canada:

Why do you play hockey?

And 99% of the time the answer that comes back is…BECAUSE I LOVE TO PLAY.

Don’t forget that.

When I do parent presentations, I ask them why they put their kids in hockey.  And 99% of the time…the answer that comes back is…SO THEY LEARN TO BE PART OF A TEAM AND LEARN LIFE LESSONS.

Don’t forget that.

When I do coaching seminars, I ask them why they coach.  And 99% of the time the answer that comes back is…I WANT TO MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT ON KIDS.

Don’t forget that.

When you put your WHY in the forefront of your mind, the craziness and stress of everyday life is put into perspective.  It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the silliness that is youth hockey.  I’m sure all of us reading this can empathize with that.

But remembering why we do what we do can be the antidote that takes us back to reality.

Remember your WHY.  Let that be your North Star.

My family is mine.  And with that has come some amazing things like our charity game this weekend.

I encourage you to think about your WHY when things seem a little wary.  You’ll be amazed at the power and perspective it can bring you.



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