Hockey Habits

By: Topher Scott

Habits are everything when it comes to individual and team development.  Below are five essential hockey habits that will produce success on the ice, both for individual players and for teams. These are qualities that should be stressed during daily practice, and we have broken them down into Team (Offensive), Team (Defensive), Individual Forward, Individual Defense, and Attitude Habits:

Offensive Habits (Team)

  1. Communication
  2. Head Up, In Control with Puck
  3. Deception
  4. Active Finding Open Ice for Support
  5. In Tight Skills & Compete

Defensive Habits (Team)

  1. Communication
  2. Gaps – Above and Tight
  3. Stick Placement/Angling
  4. Back Pressure through Middle
  5. READY for Transition

Forward Habits

  1. Use Dot Lines, Middle of the Ice
  2. Use Deception & Movement on Cycle
  3. Net Presence, Win Shot Retrievals
  4. Find Passing Lanes/Open Ice without Puck

Defense Habits

  1. Change Shot Lanes, Active on Blueline
  2. Work to Skate and Earn Gaps
  3. Be Active Up Ice on Rush & Breakout
  4. Shoulder Check, Deception on Retrievals

Attitude Habits (Team)

  1. GREAT Compete Level (Practice & Games)
  2. GREAT Bench
  3. Park Mistakes
  4. Positive Energy
  5. Be engaged and ALL-IN