Stretch Run Sacrifice

It’s that time of year.  The time of year where things start to pick up and start to get a little more serious.

Especially in the 82-game grind of an NHL season…this is the time of year where details begin to matter a little bit more, physical and mental toughness begin to matter a little bit more, and plays that don’t show up in the boxscore seem to matter a little bit more.

With that, players willing to buy in to the details, mental and physical toughness, and sacrifice plays seem to come to the forefront a little bit more.

Which is why we wanted to highlight this sequence by Nick Seeler of the Minnesota Wild.  These are the kinds of plays, and he is the type of player that every team needs to win a championship.  At the end of the day…talent seems to usually find a way to win out…but if that talent doesn’t have guys like Nick Seeler to fill in the gaps from a culture standpoint…the team is going nowhere.

Check out this shift by the Wild defenseman.  It sure ain’t pretty, but I’ll take a guy like Nick Seeler on my team any day of the week when it comes to what he’s willing to do to win for his teammates.  Blocking shots with a reckless abandon…that gets the players on his bench FIRED UP and ready to run through a wall for him.

People like to say that this time of year reveals the character of players and teams.  If I’m the Wild, this is one of the players on my squad that makes me feel happy about that statement.  And it’s a statement that has proven to be true time and time again.  We’re looking forward to seeing the next wave of plays like this one throughout the stretch drive of the regular season!!