Handling Bad Passes


When you get to the highest levels of hockey, this is the absolute truth.  In all different shapes, sizes, and directions, top players are able to handle pucks no matter what the circumstance.

But not only can they handle the tough passes, they can make a play quickly after receiving the puck as well.  Check out the goals on this video of a playoff game between Pittsburgh and the Islanders.  Both goals come from shots where the puck as wobbling.

But, this isn’t just a talent thing.  Players at this level PRACTICE handling bad passes in drills.  So if you are a kid reading this…the next time you’re in practice and one of your teammates gives you a bad pass, recognize that it’s an opportunity to make you better.

Handle the pucks in your feet.  Handle the ones that are bobbling.  Handle the ones too far in front or too far behind.  Handle the ones on your backhand and PASS THE PUCK ON YOUR BACKHAND AS WELL!

In my opinion, passing is the most undervalued skill in the game.  Aside from skating, I think it’s the most important one…and it’s not that far behind.  Passing shows skill…but also awareness and hockey sense.

Passing is what makes the game go.  And the more you value it as a skill, the better player…in my opinion…you are going to be.