Using Eyes for Deception

“Deception” is a huge buzzword in hockey circles today.  “Providing misinformation” to the defender while you have the puck or when you’re going to retrieve a puck is a habit that is becoming a staple in the hockey development world.  And for good reason, as it can be very beneficial during a game!

When most coaches talk about deception, they talk about edges or using body movement…but one thing that I don’t think enough people talk about is deception with your eyes.  Looking a defender off one way…and then going somewhere with the puck completely different.

Steven Stamkos does an UNBELIEVABLE job of this with the goal on this clip.  He looks pass, looks pass, looks pass…and then snipes is short side.  He uses his eyes, providing that misinformation to deceive the goalie and defenseman, and then makes a totally different play.  It’s amazing.

So for the coaches out there…keep encouraging your kids to continue to play with their heads up! But once they get the hang of that…encourage them to work on this type of play where they are looking one way and then making a play another way.  It’s a great skill and habit to have in hockey!