Schrempy’s Take – Connor McDavid’s Shootout Goal

When talking to Robbie Schremp about Connor McDavid’s shootout goal against the Blues last week…this is what he had to say:

“It was so nasty. That mother *%&#$ is so good. So good.”

That’s coming from the guy that continually made NHL goalies look stupid on shootouts. Don’t believe me…check out the video below:

So with Connor McDavid’s goal above…Schrempy had some awesome thoughts about the shootout itself and McDavid as well. Enjoy!

There are a couple of different things that are important while going down on a goalie in the shootout.

The first one is speed, or changing speed. A goalie’s depth (how far he is out of his net) is his lifeline on a breakaway. Come too far out, a player makes a move around him and scores. Don’t come out far enough, easy shot for a goal as the player can see a lot of net.

By changing speed…you are messing with the goalie’s depth. You can almost look at it in the same way you change speeds to mess with a defenseman’s gap. It gets them off balance with their skating and opens things up big time as you approach them. And then, BOOM. Goal.

The second thing I want to talk about is angles. McDavid comes down on a slanted angle which causes the goalie to have to move laterally. With the goalie moving laterally, it naturally opens up the five-hole as he slides across the crease. And because sliding opens up his five-hole, you see Allen have his stick there to cover it up.

This causes his blocker to go down and opens up that high blocker side of the net…where McDavid buries!

When talking about shootouts, I like to talk about angles and depth…and more specifically how it relates to what the net sees as it is looking out at me. How can I find a way for the net to see the puck on the blade of my stick? Angles and changing speeds opens things up for the net to see the puck on my blade.

The last thing I’ll talk about is an anchor move. The one little move that causes the goalie…while you are messing with his angles and depth…to think you are going to shoot or make a move. A move that makes the goalie bite and freeze. McDavid does a little stickhandle that freezes Allen right before he shoots. (Editor’s note – Watch Schrempy’s anchor move on the youtube video…unreal!) I believe that these concepts are teachable. As a player I always had a little bit of a plan as I came down on the goalie in the shootout. It seems simplistic, but it’s really not. Angles, depth, changing speeds, recognizing what the net sees…those take thought and practice. But they can also lead to goals and ultimately points for your team in the win column. Thanks again for reading my thoughts on the shootout!!